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First things First. This was supposed to be just be a blog,but I'm responsible for the "design"πŸ˜‚ of this "site", because I was impatient,and wanted to get things going and some SEO while waiting on the new site based on this content. It got away from me, Sorry, But Everything here is still True and accurate though!

About "Guaranteed" work from home In the title . I want to make absolutely sure Nobody gets it twisted or confused, Legally and Ethically No One can "guarantee" an income to anyone because they can't know if you'll do any work at all!

WAIT!... NOT TRUE! - Money CAN be Guaranteed IF You  Sell Me What's (Actually) Making You Any Money Right Now

   I Guarantee That With Focus, Right Offer , MindSet & Work ,You Can Make Money From Home

                                  I'm Your Expert in Finding Those Kinds Of  Opportunities.                                                  *****************************************************************

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*Offers to Buy From You & The Best Selling Offers  (Is It Yours?)  Will be Featured in The Emails *Sent To And For You.
     *Proven Sellers Will Always Be at the Bottom Of Your Emails For Information Only.

IF You're Serious - Read This Like A Contract For The Details

  2. You Must Accept Within 48 Hours or Offer Retracted & Email WILL be Scrubbed-Removed 
  3.  Note! (*=) is Example of Offer Type used Today.BTW,We Bought From Someone Just Like You! Imagine If it WA$
  4. When You Sell Us a Better Offer or Opportunity, It Will Replace the (*=) Current Offer here & Will Be At Bottom of Each Email  IF you want to see it. It Will Now Be A Clickable Link So You Can See Which Offer it Was And That It's Active.
  5. Due To Sellers convenience request, current Top Seller Information Near bottom of emails are now Linked to the Offers
  6. Please Do Not Click Them IF You Don't Need or Want The Product or Offer And Are Only Selling to Us  
  7. We Do Not Ever Share or Sell Your Email.πŸ‘Š
 Job Seekers- Must Sign 1 Year Non Compete & Fill Out 1099 Tax Doc.( U.S. Virtual Assistants Too) ========================================================================================== Non Serious" People Use Crap Emails, Miss Our Offer, Complain or Cry Scam & Say they"Lost Money"... REALLY?πŸ˜‚ 

I simply want to make it clear that nowadays there are thousands of opportunities to make income working from home.  BUT, There Are Better Affordable Online Opportunities & Have 10-25-Year Proven Records Of Success to Finally Get You Started Making Money or Help You Make More!.  

Our Business Is Finding, Buying & Selling Offers That Actually Work For Both Of Us 

                         πŸ’₯Ready To Finally Make Money?😎

First and foremost, let's talk about the importance of MindSet. Just like in any good business, Mindset, Focus and Consistency ARE the backbone of Your Success.                                                                                      

You can really Crush Your Goals and the money adds up if you don't waste it. Just reinvest profits 3 times. Eventually Learn/Use some paid ads and think about high end offers that take the same amount of work. 

 I really want to highlight the "work" part, but First Help You Set Your Mind up for Success by adjusting Your Mindset and then showing you how to get out of your own way and stop failing online.

I have a Very Selfish reason for Helping You Succeed. It's rooted in the this Quote: 

"You Can Have Everything in life You want, IF you just Help Other People get what they want"       Zig Ziglar.

Success comes sooo much easier and faster if you Provide Real Value & Sell Real Help -Not Hope.


I Like You Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Marketers!πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜ so,we'll be Identifying successful online Offers To Ensure that You and I have steady and reliable sources of income to finance our growth and learning journey's. 

I'm Excited to Share with You the Truth to becoming a Wealthy Entrepreneur and hopefully partnering with you in the future.

 It's not about working 10-12 hours a day, but rather dedicating a Focused Hour or Two Daily to your well chosen online ventures. 

With Consistent Effort, even if *=You're "only" Making $200 day, You'll Have a Reliable Evergreen stream of income that can pave the way for bigger opportunities, mentoring, training, education or invest in More, Different & Proven Multiple Streams of Income Including Offline Opportunities.

Imagine what you could achieve with that Consistent Income! It will allow you to invest in high-end mentoring and training courses that will accelerate your growth and propel you towards your goalsπŸ˜‰. 

If you work with mentors and invest in top-notch training, you'll gain invaluable insights and strategies to take your business' to new heights.

I am being Up Front with you about why I'm encouraging you to have a real and steady source of daily income. I prefer selling high-end training and mentoring courses especially to people that want them and wrongly "think" they can't afford them,but ARE Willing to work a little to have them.

I'm Committed to Making Sure You Have Money (and trust me at least 1%😊) to afford Mentoring later AND to build strong, lasting business relationships with individuals who are committed, determined, and ready to Act On Opportunities That You Have or Find to Share With Us. 

 It's Time To Get You Started And Help You Set Up Your Mind for Success. The Video You're About to Watch Helps You No Matter What You'll Be Doing To Make Money Online

When You make money, I'm hoping You'll give us a chance to Help You to the Next Level.          Let's Start Your Free Training With The:

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By Taking Action,Focus and having a *=Consistent Income Stream, You'll Prove that you have what it takes to become a wealthy entrepreneur - someone I'm eager to partner with and support in your journey to success.

*=The Ultimate Failure Cure lies in Partnering in Proven & Affordable Franchise-type businesses. *=This model provides a much-needed solution High-Quality Leads & Your Offers That Work

*=These leads are people that have already asked to see what you have to offer. All you have to do is earn their trust by making sure that what you create or find to sell them is good and Really Works!!

*=By Partnering in a Franchise type business that already does 93% of the work, you only have to Focus on the 7% they want you to do to bring them more business. They Help You Succeed so they can Continue Succeeding in what they do best and sell . 

*=They Need Freelance Marketers,Workers (Affiliates) to promote a leads service they've built through their network of hundreds of websites they have spent decades building to collect Leads. 

*=They're Sneaky Huge on the Net! and have a BBB A+ rating on their online and offline business's There's a 99% chance you've put your email into their landing pages or sites.We buy & use their services (Like Many Big Marketers) to test, advertise and Gratefully May have found You Through Them!

*=You'll virtually have your own franchise type business and they do all the fulfillment because frankly it's their business and they don't want people to screw it up... Just sayin


 *= All businesses and anyone trying to make money are always in need of leads, they'll gladly pay for good quality fresh leads that convert to sales, Giving You a Steady Long Term Stream of Income.

*=WAIT! There's More! A 2 tier system Makes Recurring Income Without Extra Work  BUT. It's Not MLMπŸ’₯πŸ’₯it's Better AND they follow up for You until Your lead buys Buys or Unsubscribes! .                                                                                

*=It's The Good parts of an MLM-Network Model  WITHOUT all the chaos and confusion.-    They've perfected this with 23 years of experience.

*=With this passive income at your disposal, you'll be in an excellent position to fund your exploration of various opportunities and "shiny objects" that pique your interest, but Not using your "regular job money"

*=By Having Daily Cash To Try New strategies and ventures, you'll become a well-rounded entrepreneur with a deeper understanding of what works best for you or what your favorite niche is.

If you want the direct path to what I have found after 20 + years of online and offline business successes , I just need you to Watch Two Short Videos


In summary, remember these key points to achieve lasting success:

 Set Your mind to "Focus Mode" and You'll Quickly Stop Being Overwhelmed. This will also go a long way to saving your money to invest in a proven system and *Franchise Type Online Biz that works.

*=THEY INCLUDE ADVERTISING TOO IF you're wondering why I didn't say Advertising budget, it's because they include it so it's done right to make You (and them) money from 23 years of expertise.

You'll Finally have the missing links to Success!     Not Like After All The Usual Training Videos, Where You STILL Have To Find Someone to Sell To.

*=You'll Instantly Have: 

1:*Daily Pay From Every Sale Multiple Times A Day

2:*=An Instant List & Great Leads To Sell Your Offer to minutes after You become a Partner. 

3:*=They Run The Business -Advertising & Support - You Promote or Use The Service Yourself

4: *=Consistent / Persistent Email Followup -Free Managed Auto-Responder or Use Yours!😎

5: *The Cure to STOP Just "Trying, Training, Failing, Quitting & Starting Over & Over again.

  • Take advantage of the *franchise-type model, offering high-quality leads as a valuable solution to You and others that need a list of leads to START with. How do you think you keep getting those offers from marketers you've Never heard of. Now They'll be buying them from people like you!
  • Embrace the mindset of a successful entrepreneur choose smartly,and treat your online business like a Business or Real Job, Only Buy more tools After you have a business FIRST
  • Focus & Be Consistent in your daily efforts & short time you'll build a reliable source of income.
  • .Use that consistent income to invest in high-end mentoring and training courses, propelling and scaling your growth. (I Know A Guy)πŸ˜‰

I Want You To Become The Wealthy Entrepreneur that I helped get there and I'm thrilled to see how you'll progress on this exciting journey. So, let's work together, and with dedication and the right mindset, I have no doubt that you'll be well on your way to achieving your dreams!

Now, let's get started on this transformational path. Your success awaits, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let's build a prosperous future together!..Sell Me Something Working For You Today


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